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2020-01-11 18:38:29

乐橙pc客户端ag旗舰厅官网 - 「同步辅导」高一全册英语词汇总复习,期末考试前需要认真做一做


book 1 - book 4词汇总复习

i. 选用方框内合适的短语并用其正确形式填空(每个短语限用一次)。

block out, break out, pick out, sort out, die out

1. you can ________________ liars by the nervous way they act.

2. the wild population of koalas is in danger of ________________.

3. he put his hands over his ears to

____ the noise.

4. they had escaped to america shortly before war ________________ in 1939.

5. i’ll be glad to get this misunderstanding ________________.

bring up, set up, add up, break up, make up, come up, pack up, cheer up

1. every time i ________________ these figures, i get a different answer.

2. i’m afraid i’ll have to cancel our date — something’s ________________.

3. i want to go to bed early to ________________ the sleep i lost last night.

4. he ________________ the few possessions he had and moved out.

5. the school has ________________ a special class to help poor readers.

6. once the poison is ________________ there is no further danger.

7. mary and john were good friends, but then they had a quarrel and ________________.

8. all the people ________________ at the good news that our country successfully launched a manned satellite.

in addition, in return, in advance, in general, in a way, in relief, in charge, in peace

1. i gave him a present but he gave me nothing ________________.

2. ________________ it is a good thing i did not get that post i applied for.

3. don’t disturb me anymore. please let me do my work ________________.

4. everyone tried to blame the person ________________ for what went wrong.

5. knowing that marta was found safe and well, her mother laughed ________________.

6. ________________ to such subjects, the department also taught mathematics and geography.

7. ticket prices are cheaper if bought ________________.

8. we’re trying to raise awareness about the environment ________________ and air pollution in particular.

ii. 用适当的介词或副词填空。

1. i didn’t mean to, but i have deleted the files ________ accident.

2. —bill must have failed the exam, right?

—no. ________ the contrary, the lazy fellow passed it with a good mark.

3. the way he behaves when he is angry reminds me ________ his father.

4. you have been sitting on my hat and now it is badly ________ of shape.

5. my father attaches great importance ________ exercise and he is always in good health.

6. it refers ________ information technology while pc is short for personal computer.

7. no one can get along ________ mr. smith. he is too narrow-minded to accept others’ opinions.

8. john kept a diary. he was good at setting his thoughts ________ on paper.

9. she tried to sleep, but thoughts crowded ________ and images flashed through her mind.

10. you will never know what she, as a single mother, went ________ to educate her children.

iii. 根据括号内的汉语提示补全下面句子(每空一词,含缩略形式)。

1. i ________ ________ ________ ________ (绝对不会认出你) if i saw you in the street!

2. —did your son ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ (在聚会上表现好)?

—not at all. i really regret taking him there that night.

3. —what decision do you think the government is likely to make?

—________ ________ ________ ________ (它不是我关心的事). i care little about politics, you know.

4. we should learn to ________ ________ ________ (原谅别人的错误). after all, no one in the world is perfect.

5. as the coach of the football team, douglas knows quite well ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ (每个队员的强项和弱点).

6. as early as 3000 bc, our ancestors learned to ________ ________ ________ ________ (保存肉和鱼) by packing them in salt.

iv. 在空白处填入适当的单词或根据提示写出所缺单词的正确形式。

world soccer’s governing body, fifa, 1. s________ canada, mexico and the united states to host the 2026 world cup. this is the first time that fifa has accepted a three-nation bid for the soccer championship.

the 2026 world cup will also be the first to include 48 teams. the us proposed hosting 60 out of the 80 games in 2026. canada and mexico would then host ten games each. fifa will have to decide how the games are divided up and which cities will be chosen. fifa will also decide whether all three countries are to be guaranteed a place at the 2. ________ (联赛).

preparation for the world cup will not require major construction work because those 16 3. ________ (体育场) where matches will be played already exist.

canada will host men’s world cup matches for the first time. mexico last held the 4. ________ (项目) in 1986, while the u.s. held the world cup in 1994.

there may be something in your food that you cannot see and cannot taste. but it could be killing you. it is a(n) 1. ________ (人造的) oil commonly called trans fat (反式脂肪酸). trans fat is a poisonous 2. ________ (化学物质) that has been added to our food supply and accounts 3. ________ an estimated more than 500,000 deaths every year.

trans fat is made by adding hydrogen to vegetable oil. food makers use this low-priced oil so food will stay fresh longer. baked goods that sit on grocery shelves for many months but still remain soft and moist usually 4. c________ trans fat. this is because the oil remains solid at room temperature. this is why it is dangerous to eat. trans fat is tasteless.

studies have found that trans fat raises cholesterol levels in the blood and increases the risk of heart disease. high-income countries have either banned these artificial fats or are in the process of banning them because of their 5. ________ (connect) to heart disease.

the world health organization (who) is urging governments of low- and middle-income countries to do the same. where trans fats have been banned, heart attacks and deaths from heart disease have dropped greatly. the who plan calls on governments to take specific steps. they include 6. ________ (代替) trans fats with healthier oils such as olive oil, creating public awareness of the harms of trans fats, and enforcing anti-trans fat policies and laws.

scientists are finding that the inside of jupiter (木星) is just as interesting as the part of the planet’s 1. ________ (大气层) that we can see. at the center of the planet is a liquid mixture of hydrogen and helium (氦). scientists say large atmospheric jet streams and 2. ________ (usual) gravitational qualities also exist. nasa’s juno spacecraft has been orbiting the solar system’s largest planet since 2016. juno is providing researchers with what they’ve called a new understanding of jupiter’s structure (结构).

until now, scientists have had little information about what is below jupiter’s thick red, brown, yellow and white clouds. juno is 3. ________ (设计) to look beneath these clouds. jupiter is called a gas giant planet. unlike earth and mars which are rocky planets, jupiter is about 99 percent hydrogen and helium. information sent by juno showed that deeper under the surface, jupiter’s gas turns into a hot, dense (高密度的) metallic liquid. the scientists say jupiter’s jet streams 4. ________ (形成) stripes around the planet moving about 3,000 km below the cloud tops. deep inside, the planet is made of a liquid hydrogen and helium mixture that turns as if it were a solid body. juno showed a small but important asymmetry (不对称) between the gravitational field of jupiter’s northern and southern halves. this difference is driven by the large jet streams. the deeper the jet streams go, the more 5. ________ (质量) they contain, causing a strong effect on jupiter’s gravitational field.

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